Organic and LEAF marque vegetables from Suffolk

Home Farm Nacton - our village

The local village pre-school visits us once a year and it gives us great pleasure. The pupils learn about what we grow, how we produce it and how the vegetables arrive on their plates. Below is quote from their website:

“We are fortunate to be situated in beautiful countryside and like to explore the locality by going for walks in the woods, walking to the local farm fields to watch planting and harvesting, looking for signs of the season such as icy puddles, frost, spring flowers, conker collecting and the changing colour of leaves. We also visit a local vegetable garden, the local shop and sports field. NBU5s is proudly sponsored by local business Home Farm Nacton.”

We also support local fetes, community projects and charity events throughout the year, including the Parish Council and St. Martin's Church.
The annual Food and Farming Student Day is aimed at 13-16 year olds as they make key curriculum choices. Working with Hollow Trees Farm, Easton & Otley College and the Suffolk Education Business Partnership, the Suffolk Agricultural Association invites students down to the farm to meet people working across all aspects of agriculture and related industries to discuss career opportunities first hand. The event is sponsored by the Chadacre Agricultural Trust. Learn more on the Suffolk Agricultural Association website.
The School Farm and Country Fair organised by the Suffolk Agricultural Association is the biggest education event of the year – 4000 thousand 7-9 year olds attend this annual day of food and farming discovery held at Trinity Park. The day includes education about where food comes from, see animals and machinery at work and gain some experience and knowledge of the countryside.
Every February we participate in the “Tractors into Schools” event by going along to a number of local schools with one of our tractors and discussing food and farming with the children.
As part of a national schools initiative organised by the Potato Council, the Suffolk Agricultural Association was invited to stage a regional heat of the Grow Your Own Potatoes challenge. The two-part initiative teaches how potatoes are grown and harvested through an interactive challenge to see who can grow the heaviest, not the biggest, potatoes. Secondly it is designed to help children learn more about healthy eating and how the potato plays an important part in a balanced diet. Learn more on the Suffolk Agricultural Association website
Open Farm Sunday takes place every year in June, when hundreds of farms from around the country open their gates. The event is held for the general public to learn about where their food comes from, how it is grown and what is involved for a farmer. For more information, please visit the Farm Sunday website.